Hi, my name is Joe.

I'm an artist, inventor and researcher.

I'm working on a PhD at UC San Diego, in San Diego.

I'm simultaneously working as an audio software developer.

However, contrary to popular theory, I do not work in a button factory. I also never went anywhere with a gun in my hand, unless we're talking paintball.

As you can see, I'm not a web developer, nor am I a fan of fancy websites. Or maybe you think this is fancy. It's almost... too fancy.

You're still reading this, so I bet you'd like to go to my fancy blog, because that's where I document my projects.

Here's a link to my soundcloud, for some examples of the music I make.

Here's a link to my GitHub, which has some examples of my code I was willing to release for free. Disclaimer: there's probably a lot of cruft in there... Contact me for a current code example.

Here's a resume, in PDF format, in case you were a potential employer before reading all my snarky internet words.

Well, you're still reading, which really says something. About you. Good things.

Hope your day is sparkly!